What is Kaltra Deposit?

Kaltra Deposit is a long-term investment plan for your kid since your child is born By regular savings you can provide for your child the best education as well as a solid financial base for building a future with more choices.

How it works?

You can funds deposit in Kaltra Deposit at any time. The fund you deposit will join the initial amount, thus increasing the profits gained from interest. On the day your child reaches 18, the deposit will be transferred to a current account on behalf of the child and upon the child’s wish can choose to renew it on a term deposit.

Advantages and Features

  • Dedicated to children 0-15 years old.
  • To be opened on your child’s’ name.
  • The minimum amount to open a Kaltra Deposit is 5,000 ALL or its equivalent in foreign currency.
  • In Lek (ALL), Euro (EUR) or US dollars (USD) currencies.
  • Anyone who wishes to make a gift to your child, can make a payment at any time after the deposit has been opened.
  • No withdrawal are allowed until the child becomes an adult, i.e. reaches the age of 18.

For any additional information on deposits, always make reference to the updated deposit interest bulletins published in our branches and on our official website, as well as to the working terms and conditions.

Necessary documentation

  • Identity Card
  • Registration Form (for new clients) or updated one for existing clients.
  • Deposit Contract


*All deposit accounts of any retail, commercial and corporate client, resident or non-resident, of Albanian citizenship or foreign one, who holds a deposit account at Credins Bank Sh.a, in ALL or any foreign currency, are provided with insurance by the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASD), to the extent of 2,500,000 (two thousand five hundred thousand) ALL or its equivalent in foreign currency, pursuant to the provisions set forth in Law No. 53 dated 22.05.2014,”On Deposit Insurance”, as amended. For additional information, visit: www.asd.gov.al

ASD dhe Buletinin e Normave te Interesit.

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