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Regular monthly income is from time to time insufficient to meet your consumer needs. A modern or functional furnishing, home appliances, heating or air conditioning systems, holidays or studies for children, all of them affect improving the quality of your life and your family’s, but solely monthly income cannot provide for all of them. Credins offers Customer Loan as a solution for enabling the fulfilment of these needs by making the payment over several months.
Advantages and Features: This loan will be offered to all individuals with income from salary.

  • Financing: up to 1.500.00 ALL
  • Interest: fixed and variable
  • Term: up to 7 years
  • Monthly instalments are held automatically from the account.

Required documents for submission:

  • Identification Document
  • Proof of Income

Documents to be signed at the Bank:

  • Loan Application
  • Pre-Contractual Information
  • Transparency form
  • Consumer Loan Contract

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