1. How to perform your first login at “Credins Online” platform?

After receiving the User ID (This is a UNIQUE CODE the user receives it at the branch and it is your identification code on the platform) and the Password (The user receives it via e-mail that he has registered with the personal information in the branch. It is sensitive, so keep writing it as it reads, respecting upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation, etc., and letting no space between characters), for a more regular activity, please follow the steps below: 1. Access: https://e.bankacredins.com/ Carefully enter the User Code (6 – numbers) and the Password and click “LOG IN”; “Change Password” will be shown and you will need to change your Password as follows: a) Existing Password – Enter the temporary password you have received in your email. b) New Password – Enter the New Password which must meet the following criteria: • Must be at least 8 characters long. • Must contain at least 1 digit character. • Must contain at least 1 uppercase letter. • Must contain at least 1 lowercase letter. 2. Press the Submit Button. Please remember that your password is confidential and you should not share it with others. 3. You will be asked to complete the Security Questions, you will have to select two of them. Click Submit to log in. 4. You are currently logged into your “Credins Online” account, and the “Welcome” page will appear. With the same User ID and Password you can also log in to the “mobile banking” application. As an advanced technology, additional security features are added to your first login, such as: 4-digit PIN and biometric identification (Face ID / FingerPrint).

2. What should I do if I enter the wrong Username/Password too many times?

Access to the platform is blocked. To reactivate Credins Online service, you need to follow one of the steps below: 1- Click “Forgot Credentials?” at Log In Page, to recover your credentials by e-mail following the steps displayed on the screen. 2- Contact the bank through our Customer Care service at the phone number: +355 4 53 53 000.
3- Go to the nearest Credins Branch and ask for your account to be unblocked.

3. Can I change my password online?

1. Log in to Credins Online (Web or Mobile). 2. Click the Settings button on the top right next to the Exit/Log Out button. 3. Click Change Password. 4. Write the new password and reconfirm it. Click SENT. 5. The confirmation message “Password was successfully changed” appears on the screen.

4. I have forgotten the “Password". What should I do?

1. Click “Forgot Credentials?” at Log In Page to recover your credentials. 2. Choose Password from the list to recover your password. Write the User’s Code. For security reasons enter the CAPTCHA code and press “Send”. 3. Write the answers to the security questions, enter the security code CAPTCHA, and then, press “Send” 4. A message will appear on the screen, which confirms that an e-mail has been sent to you with the new temporary passwords.

5. How can I download the application on my mobile phone?

For Android mobiles / tablets the application can be downloaded from Play Store, while users that have iOS devices/tablets can download it from the App Store.

6. How can I activate the mobile application?

To access Credins Online mobile application, you need to submit first an application at one of the bank’s branches. Follow the steps below: 1. Download the application from Play Store or App Store depending on your device. 2. Open the application and complete the User ID and Password fields (User’s Code and Password) 3. Activate the device by entering the TAN code (which will be sent by SMS at your mobile phone) 4. Create the PIN code with 4 digits. 5. Activate Fingerprint or FaceID

7. Where can I change PIN on the WEB?

1. Log in to the WEB (Desktop Version) 2. Click the Settings button on the top right next to the Exit/Log Out button 3. Click Change PIN 4. Enter the new PIN and then reconfirm it. Click SEND. 5. The confirmation message PIN code was successfully changed appears on the screen.

8. I have forgotten PIN, what should I do?

PIN code is a 4 digit code that is used to access Credins Online service from your phone. For security reasons, you should not change the PIN code through your phone. It can be changed only by logging in at Credins Online on your computer. If you have forgotten the PIN code, log in on the WEB and follow the steps to change the code as below: 1. Log in on the WEB (Desktop version) 2. Click the Settings button on the top right next to Exit/Log Out button. 3. Click Change PIN 4. Enter the new PIN and then reconfirm it. Click SEND. 5. The confirmation message PIN code was successfully changed appears on the screen.

9. I have forgotten the “User ID”. What should I do?

1. Click “Forgot Credentials?” at the Log In Page 2. Choose User ID from the list to recover your ID User code. 3. Enter the e-mail address with which you have been registered. For security reasons, enter the CAPTCHA code and press “SEND”. 4. A message will appear on the screen, which confirms that an e-mail has been sent to you with the user’s code.

10. I have entered the wrong PIN too many times and access is denied. What should I do?

If you have entered the wrong PIN code too many times, access to the platform is blocked. Credins Online service is reactivated by following one of the steps below: 1) Change the PIN code. It can be changed only by accessing Credins Online on your computer, following the steps below: 1. Log in on the WEB (Desktop version) 2. Click the Settings button on the top right next to Exit/Log Out button. 3. Click Change PIN. 4. Enter the new PIN and then reconfirm it. Click SEND. The confirmation message PIN code was successfully changed appears on the screen. 2) Contact the bank through the Customer Care service at the phone number: +355 4 53 53 000 3) Go to the nearest Credins Branch and ask them to unblock your account.

11. Can the mobile application be updated?

The performance of the application can be enhanced and new functionalities can be added by updating Credins Online application on a regular basis. A new version of the application shall be available at Play Store and App Store and you only need to update it like the other applications on your smartphone.

12. Which are the criteria/parameters that my computer must have?

The platform can be used in optimal conditions if you make sure that your laptop or computer meets the following requirements:

1. Microsoft Windows 7 System (or new versions);
2. Internet Browsers of the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 9+.

13. How long is the service available?

Credins Online service is available 24 hours a day for 7 days a week and it can be accessed throughout the world.

14. What transactions can be carried out?

Credins Online provides commodity and security for both individuals and businesses, clients of Credins Bank. The new Credins Online version offers a new and intuitive user experience, along with various new features and functionalities, bringing the bank within your reach.

With Credins Online application will you will be able to:

• check in details and at any time, the account balance and the transaction history for every banking product such as: cards, accounts, time deposits, etc.

• access the service with maximum security based on an advanced technology made available through the Fingerprint or PIN.

• carry out domestic and international transfers, without wasting time, queuing, etc.

• check and pay all utility bills and other liabilities by a single click: electric power bill, telephone bill, water supply bills customs, taxes, car fine, Credins Pension, internet, etc.

• open online current account or savings account (for individuals and physical persons).

• check in real time the daily exchange rate and convert your money.

• deposit in your prepaid card or other cards of different persons;

• complete the application to have Full Access to “Credins Online” (for individuals and physical persons). • apply ONLINE for banking products and services.

15. Are there any limits on payments to be carried out?

There are no limits on payments: 1. between accounts; 2. Utilities / Treasury payments. The platform applies limits for payments with third parties (transfers). For more information on limits and fees, please, read the applicable terms and conditions published at our website: https://bck.bankacredins.com/kush-jemi/rreth-nesh/terma-dhe-kushtet/

16. What kind of products can be checked on the platform?

You can check the balance, the details of transactions carried out on every Credins account, deposit, card, etc. On top of each page on the platform, you will find the option “Help?” which provides instructions on how to perform the operation/transactions on the current page.

17. How long does it take to carry out a payment or transfer?

All the payments/transfers carried out through Credins Online digital platform will be performed in real time and the amount of the payment/transfer shall be immediately reflected in the ordering account.

18. Can I make payments on weekends as well?

Credins Online service is available 24 hours per 7 days a week. You can carry out transactions at any moment, even at weekends.

19. Can I carry out payments in foreign currencies?

Transfers between accounts within the Bank are carried out in the currencies of the respective ordering and beneficiary accounts. Transfers to off-bank accounts or international transfers can be carried out in all types of foreign currencies. For transfers in foreign currencies the platform uses the daily exchange rate published by the bank.

20. How many transactions can I see in the platform?

You can see transactions which are carried out over a 2 year period.

21. If I withdraw cash from ATM, is the balance updated?

The account balance is updated at the moment when you withdraw from ATM.

22. Can I rename accounts or cards?

Yes, you can rename your banking products. You only need to click on the pencil icon at My Products and you can enter the name that you want.

23. What are the “Beneficiaries”?

“Beneficiaries” are like the list of contacts on your mobile phone. You can record on the list of beneficiaries all the accounts with which you carry out transfers/payments on a regular basis. While using Credins Online platform, at the moment when you carry out the payment or the transfer to a beneficiary, you have the option save the latter and it will appear on the “Beneficiary Maintenance” menu, under the “Transfers” subcategory.

24. How is a “Beneficiary” registered?

1. Click “Beneficiary Maintenance” in the Transfers Category. 2. Click the button with + (plus) icon to add a new beneficiary. 3. Once you have completed all its information correctly, click SAVE.

25. How can I verify that the transaction was successfully completed?

Once the transaction has been successfully carried out, the confirmation message “The payment was successfully made” shall be displayed on the screen. The debit confirmation can be found on the web and mobile by following the steps as below: 1. Click on the “Products” menu; 2. Click on “Online Transaction status”; 3. Choose the account, specify the period and click the SEARCH button.

26. What should I do if I lose my mobile phone or it gets stolen?

Credins Online uses a highly advanced security technology, and therefore, it provides maximum security for the transactions performed. Your application can be accessed only through biometric identification, Face Recognition, Fingerprints and PIN code. Identification credentials (Username and Password) are unique. In case your mobile is stolen or you have lost it, we suggest reporting immediately your concern by: 1 – Calling the customer care service at the phone number: +355 4 53 53 000 2 – Appearing on the nearest branch of Credins Bank. Access to your Credins Online platform will be immediately blocked and no one else will use your account.

27. Where can I read/download the terms and conditions?

The applicable terms and conditions can be read or downloaded on https://bck.bankacredins.com/kush-jemi/rreth-nesh/terma-dhe-kushtet/

28. What is the “Available Balance” and “Current balance”?

The Available Balance is the balance that can be used to carry out banking transactions. Current Balance is the total balance in your account, including also the amounts which have not been confirmed by the system yet.

29. How do I find an ATM or branch?

You need only to open the application and swipe twice. The platform will show you automatically the nearest branch. Click the Location, and the map will be displayed, which can provide the necessary orientations to the nearest branch.

30. Where can I check the exchange rate?

Once you are logged in on the main page of the platform Credins Online, you can check for the exchange rate. To display the table with all its details, please click: User Tools – Exchange rate.

31. In what language is the platform available?

Credins Online is available in the Albanian and English language.

32. Can I exchange money on the platform?

1. Log in on the web or mobile. 2. Click the Transfers menu. 3. Choose “Make a transfer” option. 4. Choose Transfer between my accounts option. 5. Select the account to be debited and the account to be credited. 6. Fill in all the transfer details and confirm your transaction. *Note: Please, note that the account should be in different currencies, e.g. from ALL to EUR.

33. Are there any fees applied for using Credins Online?

No fee is applied upon application or monthly maintenance of the platform both on mobile or web (desktop) if you are an individual client. A monthly maintenance fee of 200 ALL is applied for businesses only.

34. Can I use the letters “ë” and “ç” on the platform?

Yes, you can use the letters “ë” and “ç” but it is not compulsory. The description shall be the same even if you choose to use the letters “e” and “c”.

35. What is Quick Pay?

Quick Pay is a functionality on Credins Online platform through which you can transfer the money within the bank by using the phone number of the beneficiary client without having to know his/her account number.

36. Can I make deposits in my cards on the platform?

You need to click Transfers and then select Make a Transfer.

– In case you are going to deposit in your prepaid card, select the option “Own prepaid card”.

– If you are going to deposit in another prepaid card or another person’s card, select the option “Other cards”.

37. Can I change online the access on the platform?

You are pleased to click the “Settings” icon at the top. Select the “Request for Full Access” option. Fill in the required fields. You will be notified with a message on the platform about the modified access and then you can start performing all the transactions.

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