The National Basketball Federation has introduced the qualified teams for the European Championship. Credins Bank, for several consecutive years, supports this important initiative which promotes sport and encourages its development in the country. KletiKaprata, head of marketing and brand management at Credins Bank, stated on the SCAN Television the continued support that this bank has provided and continues to provide for sporting events. “It was a pleasure being here today as a supporter of the Albanian Basketball Federation and not only, but also by promoting sport values and affecting the development of sport in our country. Credins Bank believes in the sport values and considers it a valuable contribution to the community in which it operates. Credins Bank is an institution that has always supported sports and promoted community values for a healthy lifestyle. The President of the Basketball Federation, AvniPonari, stated on the SCAN television that the new entries have made the national team one of the best the country has ever had and that the main objective is winning. “It is a very important event, an important competition which Albania is participating in and represented by two teams which are facing two renown teams: Holland and Austria. The first match is in Albania with Austria, on August 2. I could say that this year, there are more new entries, except Bushati, who is already known for the national team and Albanian basketball. The national team is one of the best in years and today’s players are certainly the best of all time. We claim a victory for Albania, and occupy one of the best places, if not the first, the second, that’s what we claim for this season.” In the European Qualifying Championship will take part 7 teams. Two for adults and 5 for ages 14, 16 and 18. The matches of August 2 and 18, will be played at the new palace of sports, standards of which are already approved by FIFA.

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