Credins Bank offers Visa or Mastercard Debit Card for your business. You just need a current account and you can provide yourself with innovative functionalities, flexibility in use and safe payments.

Features and advantages

  • 24/7 ATM withdrawal.
  • National and international use.
  • Option to issue a second card.
  • Online and POS purchase.
  • All-currency use.
  • Control over account transactions and expenses.


Using your Debit Card, you can:

  • Withdraw money and make payments globally.
  • Customise your own card usage limits.
  • Make safe online payments.

Flexibility and customising.

  • Change your Mastercard PIN;
  • Monitoring of card transactions and expenses through Credins Online
  • Thanks to the Contactless technology, you can make super simple and fast payments without using PINs for amounts up to 20 euros (equivalent amount in ALL).

MasterCard Business Debit Card

Visa Debit Card

  • Currency: ALL
  • Daily limit in ATM: 50.000 ALL
  • Daily limit in POS: 500.000 ALL
  • Card Validity: 5 years

MasterCard Business Debit Card

  • Currency: EUR
  • Daily limit in ATM: 500 EURO
  • Daily limit in POS: 5000 EURO
  • Card Validity: 5 years


  • Currency: USD
  • Daily limit in ATM: 500 USD
  • Daily limit in POS: 5000 EURO
  • Card Validity: 5 years


In case of lost or stolen card:

  • Block the card as soon as possible by calling the telephone numbers: 0800 22 73 or +355 4 2274 777.
  • Visit the nearest branch, report the lost/stolen card and apply for a new card.

Necessary documentation:

  • Identity Card
  • Registration Form (for new clients) or updated one for existing clients.
  • Card and PIN Delivery Form.
  • Card Contract.

Current Account

You can perform all kinds of transactions with your current account.

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Access your account 24/7 from your mobile, laptop or computer!.

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PLUS Deposit

Deposit Plus is a systematic savings plan for all payees.

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