Credins Bank has a widespread ATM network. The ATM service is provided in every branch of Credins Bank as well as through a network of 62 ATMs located at strategic points throughout Albania. The ATM is an electronic banking outlet that provides you the opportunity to withdraw money 24/7. Every ATM is equipped with a camera monitoring system while still having into consideration the privacy of any client. Every ATM is also equipped with the necessary signalling to inform you what type of card you can use. ATM DropBox facilitates CASH management and improves the security for companies such as OSHEE, General Directorate of Road Transport service (GDRTS), Albanian Post etc., which collect cash at their offices until late hours and can deposit cash at the bank, making them active within the same day through the DropBox service. Credins Bank also has a certain number of ATMs with the deposit function. In order to use this function, you must contact the branch to enter into an agreement. If you are interested to learn how a Dropbox ATM works, visit:

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