5 Reasons to have your own Mastercard World

1. Immediate replacement of the card It does not matter where you are, in Albania or abroad, you can always get your card replaced in case of loss, theft or damage. 2. Cash delivery in cases of Emergency In partnership with MoneyGram, we provide access to your funds in case your card is lost or damaged. 3. Travel Life and Health Insurance Get Free Insurance: Travel Life and Health Insurance provided by the Insurance Company SiCRED. 4. Loyalty Program You automatically become part of the Pentagram Loyalty program., Customers will receive points depending on the use of their Mastercard World. By the end of the month the Bank will convert these points into gift vouchers to be spent by the customers on products, services, travel miles, cash on card etc. 5. Dietary Advices Opportunities to subscribe to the “Healthy Blog” program for Mastercard World Credit card holders. A program that provides personalized tips on healthy eating and sports activity based on each client’s personal information. In case your card is lost or stolen:

  • Report it as soon as possible by calling: 0800 22 73 or +355 4 2274 777.
  • Visit the nearest branch to report the theft / loss of your card, and apply for a new card.

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