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Speed, Dynamism, Transparency. Confidentiality Trade with FOREX market professionals in Albania by contacting Credins Bank via mobile: +355 69 203 63 18 or The minimum amount for direct exchange is EUR 50,000 or its equivalent. Preferential exchange rates are provided in ALL and other foreign currency pairs. We provide you with 24/7 Foreign Exchange through the FOREX ORDER service.

Currency Trading

There are numerous benefits from the fluctuations of the global foreign exchange market by applying small margins on exchange rate quotations. We offer business opportunities throughout the Credins Bank branch network. Find the preferential exchange rates app. at Credins Online service. At Credins Bank, you can now exchange money in the Chinese Renminbi CNY currency. Account to account transaction in cash in the following currencies: ALL, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD, JPY, CNY, XAU

Securities Transactions

- Mediation for participation in Primary Market Auctions. - Securities Sale and Purchase (Treasury Bills and Bonds). - Benchmark Bonds Quotations. - Securities Trading Brokerage in the Albanian Securities Exchange (ALSE). - Custody service of securities issued by the Albanian Government and Joint Stock Companies; you can carry out any securities transactions at any time via the Credins Bank Branches. Credins Bank offers not only auction mediation services, but also buys and sells securities at any time before the maturity date. You can pay daily visits at the Banks’ website to get informed on the Benchmark Bond Quotations. Availability at any time of the Treasury Department Staff with a wide and impressive experience in Financial Markets. Credins Bank, a member of the Albanian Stock Exchange, offers Securities Trading.

Currency Table


Currency Buy Sell
USD 107.8 113.8
EUR 121.00 127.00
GBP 136.5 142.5
CHF 112.20 118.2
CAD 79 85
AUD 73.8 79.8
JPY 1.0229 1.0729
CNY 12.83 18.83
XAU 5300 7000




1 LEK 0.555 USD

Obligacione Reference

Obligacione Table

Updated on 07/10/2022

ISIN Dt. Maturation Buy Sell Date Currency
AL0043NF3Y22 27.02.22 2.48% 2.18% 04.06.20
AL0044NF3Y23 26.02.23 3.04% 2.74% 04.06.20
AL0035NF5Y23 19.07.23 3.00% 2.70% 04.06.20
AL0036NF5Y24 30.01.24 3.35% 3.05% 04.06.20
AL0037NF5Y25 26.03.25 4.00% 3.70% 04.06.20

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