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Get your comfort and security with Credins Online for Credins Bank individual clients. The new version of Credins Online offers a new and intuitive experience for users along with many other features, putting the Bank in your hands.

Open Current Account
Open Term Deposit
Detailed account status reports at any time.
Tax and Customs duties Payments.
Fingerprint or PIN - Access to the application via fingerprint or PIN code, thus providing an even faster and safer service.
Transfer money in Albania and abroad, without wasting time, waiting in line, etc.
Utility Payments - Check and pay all your bills with a single click: electricity, phone, water, TV, internet and so much more.
Check all actions undertaken with your cards, etc.

How safe is using this service?

The security of the actions performed is the most important element, which is why Credins Online uses a very advanced security technology:

  • Access to the application through biometric identification, Face Recognition, Fingerprint and PIN for registered devices, providing an even faster and more secure service.
  • Unique Identification Credentials – username and password. Now your password is made available via email.
  • In addition to security elements, information SMS technology is also applied. You will receive an SMS in your mobile phone, with an authorization code for the transaction you want to perform.

Steps to get Credins Online

1. Visit the nearest Credins branch and carry an identification document with you. 2. Fill a Form at the Customer Service desk and make sure you are provided with a USERNAME. 3. Check your Email for your Password. (Make sure to check Junk Mail as well). 4. Download the Application in Play Store or Google Store. 5. Enter your data and the TAN Code which will be delivered via SMS when you activate the service.

Documentation list:

  • A valid identification document such as a passport or ID card is sufficient.

Online Access

If you are a Credins online client, click the following link to access the service:   E-Banking

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